Lipo Cart

The Lipo Cart is a complete and powerful Liposuction cart for tumescent assisted liposuction that unites the entire range of high-quality devices which makes the complete system simple and easy to operate with a wide range of flexibility.

The Nouvag product portfolio for liposuction devices, features a power assisted device that is easier for surgeons to control, allowing more precise and thorough fat removal. Nouvag’s LipoSurg produces rapid, small reciprocating vibrations to break up fat, so that it can easily be sucked out through the cannula.

Surgeons can remove more fat in a shorter period of time, which leads to enhanced results and faster recovery. Liposuction is performed using the tumescent liposuction technique, in which a liquid solution is delivered to create an effect of fat tunnelling, and so enables easier fat transfer through the cannula and out of the body. The infiltration of an anaesthetic into the treatment area is done by the integrated infiltration system.

LIPOSURG Vibration liposuction with tumescent infiltration

The LipoSurg system combines the functions of infiltration and motor-assisted vibration liposuction into a single, compact device. The desired values for infiltration and liposuction are set by selecting the function and pressing the ascending or descending arrow keys. Once the values are set, the liposuction or infiltration can be controlled by the VARIO or the ON/OFF pedal.

The extraction of fat requires the connection of this compact system with the Nouvag high vacuum pump “Vacuson 60”. The high flow rate of 60 litres per minute is ideal for efficient liposuction. Integrated high volume infiltration system with balanced pressure for tissue protection and a flow rate of 400 ml/min.

VACUSON 60 is a high-performance vacuum pump, ideal for liposuction

The suction capacity of 60 litres per minute predestines this pump for the liposuction environment. Large volumes of fat can be removed in a short time.

Depending on the requirement, two 2 litre secretion bottles or two 5 litre secretion bottles can each be hung on the bottle holders of the Vacuson 60 or the VEXIO Cart device trolley. With the MONOKIT system, it is also possible to work with disposable pouches and thus reduce the cleaning and reprocessing efforts.

DISPENSER DP30 LIPOPLUS tumescent and fat infiltration

The infiltration of tumescent liquid and fat is especially gentle and efficient with the Dispenser DP30 LipoPlus.

The peristaltic pump is designed for a maximum output of 400 millilitres per minute. With its simple rotary knob, for setting the maximum flow rate, the device is also very easy to use. The infiltration is set in motion by the pedal.

Inserting the tubing set is done effortlessly and quickly thanks to the wide-opening, swivel arm of the tube holder bracket.


High quality liposuction cannulas are also available which are cell friendly soft tissue cannulas from non-aggressive sculpting and extraction up to aggressive cannulas for large extraction volume. Specific designed cannulas for the use of tumescent local anaesthesia power liposuction technique, are also available.


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