The newest innovation in minimally invasive hair restoration technology for both men and women seeking a permanent solution for hair loss.


Why SmartGraft?

Developed by physicians, medical scientists and engineers, SmartGraft uses the most innovative technology in advanced hair restoration for both men and women, SmartHarvest Technology. This allows you to harvest grafts more efficiently, safely, and quickly, while keeping grafts moist and robust prior to implantation. It also allows you to harvest grafts from other parts of the body, such as chest and face, for better results, and it incorporates the most critical component of hair transplantation.


The user-friendly touch screen allows you to precisely control and monitor the following:

  • - Speed of the rotation of the punch Strength of suction
  • - Illumination of the site
  • - Graft count
  • - Irrigation and temperature of graft canisters
  • - Documentation of procedure time


Designed to create a soft, clean and complete separation of the graft. You determine the depth and diameter of the extractions


Significantly decreases treatment time, promotes graft survival, and increases accuracy in harvesting the necessary number of grafts


Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, this lightweight hand piece comes with innovative advancements


Superior lighting of the follicular direction and count in the donor area


Offers a temperature- controlled sterile solution mist or soak to keep grafts moist and robust while awaiting implantation


Contained in two modules for easy transportation

What is Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction?

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (AFUE) is a less invasive option for hair transplant than the traditional strip excision method. Using only local anaesthetic, the SmartGraft AFUE procedure begins by using a sophisticated (Smart) motorized handpiece with small round hollow punches to extract follicular units (grafts) from a patient’s bald-resistant donor area. Each graft contains one to four hair follicles.

SmartGraft counts these grafts and stores them in a temperature-controlled sterile solution, for better graft viability, to await implantation. Since it leaves only tiny holes (less than 1 mm) where the grafts were extracted, the donor area heals within 24 to 48 hours, leaving no linear scar.

SmartGraft provides physicians and patients with a more efficient, safe technique compared with conventional hair transplant methods.

  • - Minimally invasive office procedure
  • - No scalpel incision
  • - More natural looking with no linear scar
  • - Virtually no discomfort
  • - Patients return to normal physical activities in few days
  • - Reduced treatment times
  • - Permanent results


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