We are the Australian and New Zealand oral-maxillofacial, plastic and reconstructive clinical support partner for Australian Biotechnologies, the leading allograft manufacturer of human donated tissue in Australia.

Australian Biotechnologies has a 23-year history in allograft manufacturing. Their mission is based on honouring the gift of donation while delivering life enhancing allografts to the Australian community.

Dr Anthony Niam

OMF Use of Allograft

Dr Anthony Challapah

OMF Allograft Case Study

Dr Chris Anh

Costal Cartilage Strips and Fascia Lata

Dr Nick Lotz

Costal Cartilage Case Study

Through this partnership, Samson Medical Technologies has initiated many innovative new product developments that provide a dedicated innovative range of osteoconductive and osteoinductive allografts to the plastic, reconstructive and oral maxillofacial market.

We supply allografts for a wide range of patient needs and surgical procedures both nationally and internationally. This range includes but is not limited to: osteoconductive granules and osteoinductive fibres, cortical plates, cortical sheets, blocks, cancellous wedges, costal cartilage and fascia lata, all to be used in various oral maxillofacial and plastic and reconstructive applications.

Made from 100% allograft bone with no synthetic components or carriers added. Most of the products come in two preservation methods: freeze-dried and frozen. The majority of our range is freeze-dried to help with logisitics and consignment restraints.

Australian Biotechnologies have to date supplied over 150,000 allografts to 90,000+ Australians. These allografts come in various sizes and textures, can be customised to achieve a particular outcome and provide easy handling.

The game changing pre-cut Costal Cartilage Allografts made from cadaveric cartilage, are commonly used in ear reconstruction, rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty and laryngotracheal reconstruction. Fascia Lata has recently been launched for use in various procedures including rhinoplasty, facial rejuvenation, cleft lip and palate repair, brow lift and lower eye lift, to name a few.

Our Oral Maxillofacial range includes allografts made from a combination of cortical and cancellous bone, they are manufactured into products such as osteoinductive granules, osteoinductive fibres, various osteoinductive blends of granules and fibres, blocks, sheets, plates and wedges.

Please contact us for papers relating to these allografts.

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