n.l.f. System 2

Latest Large Volume Fat Transfer Technology

In a crowded market with options that over promise,are overly complicated and over-priced, Samson Medical Technologies now brings you a Class IIa medical device that has been CE certified since 2015 and is now registered with the TGA.

Works in line with all major aspirating technologies.

The NLF 2 System® for Fat Grafting Collection is a single use, pre-sterilised fat transfer system suitable for liposuction and lipofilling procedures. This system allows for a large volume fat collection within a micron filter which separates it from the waste. The fat can then be extracted for fat transfer.

The system includes the following*:• 1 canister with filter – 1 litre capacity • 1 canister tubing• 1 sampling tubing• 1 aspiration tubing