The AquaVage is the first high-volume sterile, single-use, closed system for collecting small and large volume adipose tissue for fat transfer. It has been designed for simplicity of operation and because it is a closed system, it reduces the risk of infection and alleviates the need for sterilisation.

AquaVage comes in 1 and 2 litre containers (1200 and 2000cc) which can be connected in-line with any aspiration pump. The fat is harvested using the surgeon’s preferred liposuction cannula at reduced flow volumes (18 in Hg/500mmHg). The AquaVage container separates the fat and fluids, which allows the surgeon to remove the fluid portion first, and then the fat, from the container through a sterile and closed method.

The system comes in a sterile pouch and is mounted on a collapsible, autoclavable stainless steel stand.

Key features of the Aquavage Technology

  • Fat transfer made quicker and easier
  • Single-use closed sterile system provides less chance of contamination
  • Allows fat and fluids to separate naturally and automatically
  • Available in 1 or 2 litre cannisters (1200 and 2000cc)
  • Works with any vacuum-controlled aspirator
  • No clogging even in high fibrous tissue
  • True high-volume system
  • No centrifuge required